Client: Dragonfly Integrative Therapy Year: 2014 Involvement: Designer Brief: Design the logo and brand identity for a brand new psychotherapy practice.

Dragonfly Integrative Therapy provides psychotherapy using an integrative approach that tailors various therapeutic techniques to suit the patient’s needs. They engaged me to design a brand identity for this new psychotherapy practice. 
They wanted their business to be perceived as friendly and down-to-earth; a place where clients would feel welcomed. They needed customers to be assured of Dragonfly's professionalism and confidentiality. The colour palette delivers this through a warm and earthy brown that helps to project reassurance and warmth paired with a relaxed and optimistic green and a professional and trustworthy blue.
The dragonfly is often seen as an agent of change and symbolic of a sense of self-realisation. The dragonfly motif is incorporated into the logo to give a sense of a guide lifting you upwards and onwards, representing the role of the therapist. 
Brand identity rolled out on stationaries
Brand identity rolled out on business cards
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