THE STAGE DOOR — London pub

Client: The Stage Door Year: 2014 Involvement: Designer Brief: Re-branding of the Stage Door. This London pub engaged me to update their brand identity to reflect recent changes that they’ve made. The Stage Door is a relaxed and low-key pub for commuters and workers in London's Waterloo area.

Working closely with the team at the Stage Door I created a brand identity to reflect the friendly atmosphere you’ll find in the pub. The Slab Serif typeface gives a straight-forward and honest feel to the brand, yet it has a certain charm and friendliness to it. The surrounding circle was inspired by the wet rings commonly left by drinks bottles and glasses. It was created by stamping a beer bottle onto paper.
Beyond the brand identity, other deliverables included design and copy for the menu, business cards, polo shirts and a separate identity for a special in-house beer supplied to celebrate the pub’s relaunch.
Logo design on staff t-shirt
Design of pub menu, staff t-shirt and business card
Design of business cards
Design of beer tap badge for the pub's own beer
Beer tap in situ
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